general terms and conditions for society icon mobile app

1      Introduction

These terms and conditions (the “Terms”) are applicable for the use of the mobile and software application constituting a digital service platform named “Society icon”. Society icon is accessed by downloading the Society icon user device application from iTunes App Store, if the user device has the iOS mobile operating system or any other online portal through which software programs are made available depending on the operating system at hand (the “App”). The App is owned and provided by Society icon AB, 559101-0284, a company incorporated and registered under the laws of Sweden (the “Company”). A person who registers in, and uses, the App is hereinafter referred to as a “User” or jointly as “Users”.

By registering, the User accepts these Terms, which constitute binding terms for the contractual relationship between the User and the Company. The Terms may be amended by the Company without notice. It is the Users obligations to keep adjourned with of the Terms at all time.

In case the User is covered by the Consumer Services Act (1985:716), mandatory provisions in the Consumer Services Act shall prevail over these Terms.

Hereinafter, “Stripe” refers to the digital payment solution Stripe Payments UK Ltd.

2      use of the app

By registering and accepting these Terms, the User can access the App and the functions included therein. A number of companies have entered into an agreement with the Company to provide commercial advertisement and marketing and/or brand material (“Brands”) that in turn is supplied by the Company in the App. The App provides a digital service and marketing platform where Users can access the commercial advertisements and marketing material from the Brands available to share and post on the Users’ Facebook and Instagram account (the “Campaigns”). By sharing and/or posting a Campaign, Users can benefit from the App’s and the Company’s remuneration system, handled by Stripe. When Users share and post a Campaign provided by a Brand through the App, the User subsequently receives remuneration from the Brands, via the Company. The remuneration amount for each shared Campaign is set out in the App in connection to the applicable Campaign. The payment process is further outlined in these Terms and in the App. 

The App and its services is solely a platform for Brands and Users to meet and connect. The App does not imply that the Company itself commits to performing any services or assignments as regards the Campaigns provided in the App. The Company is therefore not responsible for any Campaigns provided in the App as regards quality, content and availability. [Through a rating system, the quality control of the App is ongoing].

Users commit and reserve themselves solely to sharing and posting the Campaigns provided in the App through the App itself and not through any other person, company, contact, platform or third party.

Users are entitled to share and post two (2) Campaigns per day (every 24 hour period) through the App.

3      users

A User must be over the age of 18.

The Company takes no responsibility over the content in the App and the Campaigns provided by Brands complying with applicable legislation and/or the ethicality of the content of the Campaigns.

Users are entitled to terminate this agreement and leave the App at any time. The Company may, without prior notice, restrict, close or terminate a User’s account in the App belonging to a User who violates the Terms, or otherwise misuses or misrepresents the services in the App.

There are no obligations or minimum activity records which must be fulfilled by the User, when registering in the App.

Users should promptly denounce complaints and/or errors encountered in the App to the Company immediately. Complaints shall be provided as soon as a User discovers the fault or error. Complaints are made to

The User must sign up and log in to the App via Facebook. If the user agrees to connect to the App through Facebook, it may appear on the User's Facebook feed if the User chooses to share this information. The Company is not responsible for the content of these records.

The User consents to not distribute software such as viruses that may harm the App or other members and also not to copy or modify any content from the App.

4      accessability

The App is intended to be available for access around the clock. However, the Company reserves the right to shut down the App for a limited period of time during updates or maintenance. The Company is not responsible for any dysfunction of the App's availability that may occur due to internet connection, server dysfunction or other third party services (such as Stripe).

The full time accessibility mentioned above does not imply (i) that the Company has an obligation to ensure that there always are Campaigns available to share and post, (ii) a possibility to obtain remuneration at all time, or (iii) when maintaining the App.

5      payments

Payment for activities carried out through the App by a User is made by the Stripe payment solution. The amount to be granted is specified and set out in every Campaign available for sharing and posting.

The compensation provided to the User by the Company in connection with the service and market platform, does not in any way constitute an employment or assignment relationship between the Company and the User. The Company is under no obligation to provide tasks, duties, assignments or any other possibility to receive remuneration to the Users.

The remuneration amount, which each Campaign entitles the User to, may be changed by the Company at any time. Any other communication than setting out the new amount in connection to the applicable Campaign in the App is not required by the Company.

The Company is not responsible for the process and relationship between the Users and Stripe. If any problem with the User’s Stripe account arises, it should be settled directly between the User and Stripe.

6      liability

The Company’s service is only intended to facilitate communication, connection and provide a venue and opportunity for Users and Brands to interact.

The Company is under no circumstances whatsoever liable in respect of rights and obligations or agreements between Users and Brands.

The Company is not liable for damage deemed to be caused by the use of the App (e.g. User’s loss of profits).

The Company makes no warranties or representations, unless specified in these Terms.

In order to make the App as service-oriented as possible, the App includes links to other websites on the Internet. These websites are owned and operated by other parties and the Company does not provide any warranties and is not responsible for the availability or content of such websites. A link from the App is not an indication of the Company supporting such third parties or their websites.

7      tax implications

The purchase and sale of assignments and services may entail tax implications of various kinds, which could include withholding of preliminary tax by the Company. Users are responsible for any tax consequences that may arise for a User as a result of the use of the App. The Company refers Users to the Swedish Tax Agency for further information of tax matters and implications.

8      intellectual property

The content of the App as well as the underlying software is protected under Swedish law. All intellectual property including but not limited to copyrights, which arise from or in the App is owned by the Company.

Unless otherwise stated in these Terms, all information and material available in the App is property owned by the Company and unauthorized use and access constitutes a breach of these Terms. All rights not expressly granted under these Terms are reserved to the Company.

9      governing law and disputes

The Company strives to have satisfied Users, and therefore recommend Users to turn directly to the Company with any comments and/or complaints about the App and the services provided therein. Contact details are found under section 9 in these Terms. If Users want to make complaints, private individuals are referred to the National Board for Consumer Disputes (ARN), BOX 174 101 23 Stockholm.

Disputes relating to these Terms, or the App’s service in general, shall be settled by Swedish courts under Swedish law and with Stockholm as legal venue.

10   Contact information

If you have any questions regarding the Terms, please feel free to contact us:

Society icon AB, reg. no. 559101-0284

Ynglingagatan 17

113 48 Stockholm

[Phone number]

[E-mail address]